FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions



Can we bring in our own beer/wine/liquor?

 No, You can not bring your own beer/wine/liquor to the brewery and drink it on our premise. We understand not everyone likes craft beer., but bringing in outside alcohol affects our business. We make a living through the sale of our products.

We do not charge for our atmosphere and we welcome everyone to come out and enjoy the family friendly environment. We maintain the facility, pay our staff, and over all keep the lights on through the sell of our product! Bringing in outside beer/wine/liquor to the brewery affects our ability to  provide the service and atmosphere that our patrons love!

Please don't sneak in outside beer, liquor or wine. You don't have to drink our beer, but don't bring in outside alcohol. It hurts our business.

Thank you!




Why don't you allow outside food & drink? 

 Johnson County requires us to have 30% food sales in order to keep our drinking establishment license.  We are able to maintain 30% food sales through our business partnerships with the Local food Trucks.

 If we don't maintain 30% food sales, we will lose our license. We  schedule food trucks and catering for all business hours. We have a variety of snacks and drinks behind the bar, and bring in extra food vendors on special occasions. We ask that you refrain from bringing any outside food or drinks onto the premesis and support the local food and beer industry.

To learn more about the food truck schedules click below.





Are you Family Friendly?

We are a family friendly environment!

 Red Crow Brewing Company is a Family Owned and Operated business  and we welcome your entire family to enjoy the  atmosphere. We have a great outdoor space, fun couches, and games for all ages!