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Our Story

Family owned and Operated, Microbrewery in Johnson County! Great Craft beer, Amazing atmosphere, family fun!


Dream Come True

Red Crow is a dream come true after Mistie and Chris began brewing beer in their garage for family gatherings.  Mistie’s parents, Joe and Loretta Fisher, loved Chris’s beer so much that they jumped on the chance to open a family owned and operated brewery in Spring Hill in 2015, at the end of 2017 we had outgrown our space and decided to make the move to western Olathe, with our new location opening on March 22, 2019.  You simply cannot separate Red Crow from the concept of family, and we welcome you to join our family’s love of great beer and great atmosphere here at Red Crow.  

Joe and Loretta raised Mistie and her two siblings in Chapman, a small farming community in east central Kansas where they still reside.  They have 12 cherished grandchildren, 3 of which belong to Mistie and Chris who live in Olathe.  Mistie and Chris met in college at Fort Hays State University and moved to Olathe 2003 to start their family.  Chris began brewing in his garage and sharing his beer with the family in 2008.  Chris’s efforts were quickly recognized when he won awards for Isabelle, our Belgian Blonde, and Elaine, our Rye Porter.  We opened our tap room in Spring Hill, KS in 2015.

All of us pour our hearts and soul into this dream and hope you notice our efforts when you visit.  It is a rare occasion that Red Crow does not have at least one of the owners present during operating hours.  We are happy to welcome you and your families to our establishment.  We are also ready and willing to talk about our adventure with you when you visit!

Red Crow Brewing Company


Owners (Pictured Above)

Chris Roberts: Head Brewer-*- Joe Fisher: Assistant Brewer -*- Mistie Roberts: CEO -*-Loretta Fisher: CFO